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Welcome to the"Al Muharraq"

Muharraq Factory is Considered the unique establishment in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Arabian Gulf, in general, it is distinguished from other Pickle Factories by its invented sea pickles with high nutrition besides Hawar Mixture which contains all the ingredients of our popular recipes and variety of spices & cheese of supreme quality. And we promise our clients to offer them always the best.Read more
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    Naturally Sweet

    The pickles are naturally sweet, you are going to love the sweetness of the pickle!

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    Keeps family healthy

    The pickle includes some ingredients which are beneficial for your body. Your family will stay healthy by eating these pickles.

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    Always Fresh

    Fresh Pickles Always!

Sweet, Sour and Spicy!/
I personally wanted to taste a pickle that includes all three varieties of taste and I ordered a pickle from here. I was really excited to taste the new pickle…
Delivery On Time!/
I ordered some pickles from here, and the best part is they delivered me before the expected day! It's yummy and fresh!

Why choose us

We deliver the best products having good quality and taste! We guarantee that it will make your food tastier!


Quality & Safety

Quality and safety of the products is our first responsibility! We deliver the best products to our customers!


We deliver standard pickles ,spices,ready mixtures,fetha cheeses and sauces

Health & Well-being

Pickles are really beneficial for your body. It helps in many ways but you are unaware of it!